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We are excited to present a new way that everybody can support The Dome, and leave their mark in the process!

In collaboration with thousands of individuals and families just like you, we’re creating a huge mosaic of 4" high by 6" wide photographs which will wrap around the interior of The Dome. All you need to do is send us a digital image (in landscape orientation) and $100, and your photo will become part of this awesome community artwork.

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Now of course, since all these pictures are going on display in our public space, any image you submit is subject to our approval. Images have to be family-friendly, non-commercial, non-political, and uncontroversial.

If you’d like your business to be part of The Dome, check out our corporate options >

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Supporting Hands

The Dome is an oasis in a winter city, enabling summertime sports training and activities throughout the coldest, darkest winter months. Because of this ongoing battle against the elements, The Dome is an extraordinarily expensive building to operate.

We also strive to keep The Dome fun and new! We’re using funds from initiatives like this to start a laser tag league, install a touchless water bottle filler, modernize and reopen our in-house café, and much more.

We do our very best to provide an excellent experience for our users while minimizing their costs, providing this amazing space to our community. One way our supporters can do this is through a tax-deductible annual gift.


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As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, deductible donations can be made directly to The Dome.

We also encourage you to consider endowing The Dome through our partner group Friends of The Dome in collaboration with The Alaska Community Foundation.
Thanks to our generous seed sponsors, up to $100,000 will be matched by Jonathan Rubini, GCI, BP, and Rasmuson Foundation. This money is invested and kicked back to The Dome annually.
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