Laser Tag

Engage your friends and make some new ones with some rad laser tag at The Dome. We have new commercial-grade blasters, awesome barriers for cover, and a variety of game modes to keep it fun, fast, and wild!
Game Modes
Laser Tag at The Dome is different from the blacklight arenas you may remember from 1993. Our system is more like a video game - different game modes require teamwork and practice to master!
Image Team
Teams blast away at each other for five minutes to see who comes out on top! Positioning is key to dominating this game!
Juggernaut Players attacking juggernaut
In Juggernaut mode, one player is equipped with massive firepower and extreme armor. Everybody else must work together as a team to take them down! Bring the Juggernaut down before they eliminate your team or time expires!
Turf Defense Players Defending Box
Locate and protect the utility box in the barrier room! The longer you and your teammates hold the box, the more points you get. Games only last five minutes, so strategize and claim your turf early!
Turf Defense Team
One team begins this match ‘infected’ – watch out! If they blast you, you become infected and must join the zombie horde until all players are contaminated.
Game Modes
Laser Tag at The Dome is an AWESOME way to spend a birthday! Our birthday parties are rad, and include unlimited laser tag games during your time. Our software can even -ahem- “help” the birthday kid succeed at the games. Visit our main Birthday Party page for all the info!
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