Toddler Time


In the interest of track safety, starting in April we will no longer be able to allow kids to ride wheeled vehicles such as scooters and bikes on the track. They are still more than welcome on the turf! Through the rest of March, if your child is riding, remember to stay alongside them and keep them in Lane 6.

$5 per child ages 7 and under,
and free for parents!

Enjoy Toddler Time at The Dome! We open up some of our turf for little kids to come run around and play. Please note that we can't provide supervision - parents need to be here with their children. Think of it as a playground that never gets cold!
  • Footballs


  • Soccer balls & goals


  • Bouncy balls


  • Hula hoops


  • T-ball


  • Tunnels


  • Rainbow parachute w/ balls


  • Foam Building Blocks