Welcome Flag Football Coaches

This page is for volunteers who have already received approval from David Registe to coach at The Dome. Contact David here if that hasn't happened yet. Follow these steps to get ready for the season!

1Coaching Agreement
2Concussion Awareness
3Criminal Background Check
4Child Abuse & Neglect Awareness
5Submit your Application
  • Coaching Agreement

    This document describes the role, responsibilities, and benefits of being a volunteer coach in The Dome’s youth Flag Football Challenge program. It contains important information which coaches need to know and understand in order to succeed within the league.

    The Dome’s youth Flag Football Challenge program is a recreational sports program for kids. The most important function for a coach in this league is to help kids 1) stay safe, and 2) have fun.

    The Dome is a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit company, and can refuse or withdraw service at any time for any reason.

    Coaching Benefits
    In return for serving as a volunteer coach for The Dome’s youth Flag Football Challenge, coaches are entitled to a discount on enrollment of one child.

    Coaching Responsibilities
    Coaches are required to meet these minimum expectations of behavior and professionalism. Violations of these expectations can lead to leaderboard point penalties, ejection, or removal from coaching.

    At a minimum, coaches agree to:

    • Uphold The Dome’s published COVID-19 mitigation practices, including mask-wearing, distancing, handwashing, and traffic pattern.
    • Respect and adhere to the intent of COVID-19 mitigation practices, and to exhibit a positive attitude about them and encourage the same among participants and parents.
    • Focus on the safety of all participants at all times.
    • Follow instructions and directions from The Dome staff and management and officials at all times and without protest.
    • Behave in a grown-up and professional manner and serve as an excellent role model for participants, parents, and other coaches.
    • Constantly demonstrate and emphasize good sportsmanship and respect for the rules, officials, and opponents. It is unacceptable for coaches to heckle, demean, or otherwise abuse officials or opponents, or to allow or encourage participants to do so.
    • Demonstrate a consistently positive attitude when communicating with parents, coaches, officials, and Dome personnel.
    • Never use profanity or strong language, and prevent its use by kids.
    • Be on time for all events, or make alternate coaching arrangements in advance in case of absence.
    • Make a genuine good-faith effort to cooperate and collaborate with other coaches and parents throughout the league.
    • Maintain communication with parents in a timely and respectful manner.
    • Undergo a voluntary criminal background check.
    • Complete the “Heads Up” concussion awareness training, and provide the certificate to The Dome.
    • Complete training in The Dome’s emergency evacuation procedures.

    I have read this entire agreement and I agree to follow it. I affirm that I am volunteering for this position and agree that I will receive no payment or remuneration beyond a discount on one youth player fee. I particularly acknowledge that my own behavior, words, and actions must always be exemplary and in line with the requirements of this agreement.