Operating Safely Under COVID-19

Hello, Dome users! In order to keep our staff and our users safe, and to comply with state and local requirements, we are operating with several new safeguards in place. Here are answers to the biggest questions we’ve been hearing already:

Q. What is The Dome doing to keep users safe and minimize the spread of the virus?

A. The Dome has reopened under Municipality of Anchorage order EO-09, attachment G, which sets numerous requirements for gyms. We are also following EO-15, which limits our total capacity.

  • Everybody entering the building must to answer some screening questions; these can be done in advance at https://thedome.us/screening/
  • We require everybody, staff and users, to wear masks covering their mouth and nose at all times unless they’re actively exercising. Masks must be worn while entering and exiting The Dome and while interacting with staff.
  • We are following the social distancing requirements of 6 feet for general movement and 10 feet while exercising. We’ve moved equipment around to make this easier.
  • We’ll be continuing to meet or exceed CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • We’ll be sanitizing all equipment in between individuals, and providing individual bottles of sanitizer to users of our weights and other gym equipment. Users should sanitize all gym equipment before and after they touch it. Sharing gym equipment without sanitizing is not allowed.
  • Our locker rooms are closed. You should arrive to The Dome dressed and ready.
  • Our drinking fountain is closed, though our touchless bottle filler is available.
  • Our occupancy is limited to 15 individuals. (Our day camps are exempted from this count.)

These procedures do mean that some activities aren't possible inside The Dome at this time.

Q. Which activities are allowed? Which ones aren’t?

A. Activities which lead people who aren’t from the same household into the same space or touching the same equipment aren't allowed.

  • You can play sports that share a ball or equipment with members of your household.
  • You cannot play sports that share a ball or equipment with people not part of your household.
  • You can run with a friend but you’ll have to stay 10 feet apart.

You can read our entire COVID-19 Mitigation Plan here.

Q. What hours is The Dome open?

A. We are in our summer hours. We’re open Monday-Friday from 7AM to 7PM, closed on weekends.

Q. The waiver I signed says that I am not entitled to a membership refund or reimbursement in the event of “closure due to a safety concern.” What does that mean for me?

A. The Dome is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) company with very high expenses. However, in this case, The Dome is able to offer membership credits for time lost due to the COVID-19 closure. We respectfully ask that you consider donating your credit to The Dome. But if that is not an option for you, let us know and we can either extend your membership by the number of days you lost or apply a prorated credit to your account. Credits don’t expire, so you can purchase Pass Packs or another membership at any time.

Let us know which option you prefer by talking to our staff while you're at The Dome, emailing us here, or calling us at 907-770-3663. If we don’t hear from you by August 31, we’ll automatically add a prorated credit to your account.

We are grateful to everybody in our community and worldwide who is working so hard to help end this pandemic, in big ways and in small ones. We’re inspired by all the amazing examples of sharing and sacrifice we’ve seen. We can’t wait to see you back inside The Dome!