Operating Safely Under COVID-19

The Dome is committed to doing everything we can to keep our staff and users safe and healthy, while remaining as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Although we cannot absolutely guarantee that nobody will be exposed to the coronavirus, our safety practices are all designed to minimize risk and were developed with guidance from the best available resources.


Daily screening

Every single person entering the facility - staff, users, and spectators - is screened before each visit. Following questions about exposure, travel, and symptoms, we record names and contact information. Our screening form is found at https://thedome.us/screening/

Members of clubs are screened by their club organizers, with data submitted to The Dome daily. Screening and contact information would be provided to health officials if there was ever an exposure, in order to enable their contact tracing efforts.



Rental pre-approval

Any rental involving clubs or instruction (like fitness coaching, track & field, soccer, baseball, volleyball and similar) must receive approval from Dome management.
E-mail us!



Using a variety of tools, including electrostatic sprayers, we sanitize our facility extensively using EPA-approved sanitizers as recommended by the CDC. High-touch surfaces such as switches, handles, railings, and bathroom fixtures are sanitized every hour. Gym equipment is sanitized in between each user, and sharing equipment without sanitizing is not allowed.


Huge facility

The Dome is the largest air-supported building of its kind in North America, constantly pulling in fresh air due to the nature of its design. At over 10,000,000 cubic feet with 180,000 square feet of floor space, it’s big enough to hold...


Olympic-sized swimming pools




Humpback whales


NBA basketball courts


Handwashing and hand sanitizing

Handwashing is extremely important. Our staff is required to wash or sanitize their hands at least hourly, and we’re asking all our users to do the same. We’ve also added hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility. We’re stocked up with plenty of soap, paper towels, and alcohol-based sanitizer.

Masks are encouraged

Staff at The Dome are required to wear masks at all times while working. We strongly encourage all our users to wear a mask while indoors, especially if they are not yet vaccinated.

Mitigation plans from all user groups

Much of The Dome’s traffic comes from user groups, especially youth sports organizations. Every such group is required to have their own mitigation plan document approved by The Dome before they can use the facility. Plans must include extensive details about participant screening, attendance tracking, cohorts to minimize contact, physical distancing, mask compliance, and more.

Plans must be submitted for approval 2 weeks in advance. For complete User Group Requirements, please e-mail us.


Plexiglass barriers

With approval from the Muni’s Fire Safety specialists, we've added plexiglass shields to key areas in our entryway to further minimize contact.


Track cleaning

Our track is scrubbed several times each week using our riding track scrubber.

You can read our entire COVID-19 Mitigation Plan here.

If you have any questions about any of our practices, please call our front desk at 907-770-DOME (3663). We can’t wait to see you inside The Dome!

I was a member between March 13 and May 19 2020, while The Dome was closed. Do I get a refund?

The Dome has been offering membership credits for time lost due to the COVID-19 closure. We respectfully ask that you consider donating your credit to The Dome. But if that is not an option for you, let us know and we can either extend your membership by the number of days you lost or apply a prorated credit to your account. Credits don’t expire, so you can purchase Pass Packs or another membership at any time.

Let us know which option you prefer by talking to our staff while you're at The Dome, emailing us here, or calling us at 907-770-3663.