The Dome Code of Conduct

The Dome is a big community space used by thousands of people. We need everybody who comes inside to follow these super simple and basic practices in order to keep everyone safe and happy.

  1. Everyone needs to be kind, courteous, and respectful toward everybody else - all the time.
  2. We have an amazing and hardworking staff whose primary job is to help everyone stay safe. All our staff members are empowered to make decisions and adjustments as needed without managerial approval. Everybody at The Dome needs to follow all instructions from any Dome staff member.
  3. The Dome has tons of great opportunities for kids to have fun! But parents need to monitor and maintain their children’s behavior all the time. It’s especially important that kids under 14 not be allowed to wander around the facility or to play with the equipment - this could be very dangerous to kids or to others. Parents need to always be in charge of their kids.
  4. Our huge multisport turf is the best in Alaska! Help us keep it clean and safe: Please don’t spit on the turf, and keep all food and drinks (other than water) away. Food and drinks can be enjoyed everywhere except the turf. Things like changing diapers and trimming toenails are obviously not appropriate on the turf.
  5. In such a big facility, it’s very important that everyone be able to get out quickly if there’s ever an emergency. Make sure to keep the exit paths clear all the time - please avoid putting goals, bags, chairs, strollers, equipment, people, and anything else in the path of any of our clearly marked exits.
  6. Our 411-meter track is the only full-sized indoor track in Alaska! Be sure to always use it in the correct international standard direction: counterclockwise. The inner lanes closer to the turf are for going faster, while the outer lanes closer to the walls are for slower activities. Always yield to people in front of you, and remember to never spit on the track.
  7. Some groups rent space to store equipment at The Dome, like hurdles, mats, and pitching mounds. If you aren’t sure whether something is available for public use, just ask our friendly staff!
  8. To enter and exit the turf, use either the stairs or the large gate by the sand pits in the northwest of The Dome. The emergency exit gates are only for - you guessed it - emergencies! Never use an emergency exit if it’s not an emergency, and don’t lift up the perimeter nets themselves.
  9. Alcohol is not allowed in the facility except during specially designated events, so leave the booze at home!
  10. The Dome does not permit fundraising, solicitation, issue advocacy, or similar practices by any individual or group anywhere on The Dome's property without prior authorization by management.
  11. And finally, remember that although we are a very community-focused space, The Dome is a fully private facility and can refuse service to anybody.

We hope you have a wonderful time at The Dome!