The Dome is kicking off this project with a big boost! The first 100 photos accepted will be FREE!

We are excited to present a new way that everybody can support The Dome, and leave their mark in the process!

In collaboration with thousands of individuals and families just like you, we’re creating a huge mosaic of 4" high by 6" wide photographs which will wrap around the interior of The Dome. All you need to do is send us a digital image (in landscape orientation) and $29, and your photo will become part of this awesome community artwork.

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Now of course, since all these pictures are going on display in our public space, any image you submit is subject to our approval. Images have to be family-friendly, non-commercial, non-political, and uncontroversial.

You can also gift a spot! Click here.

If you’d like your business to be part of The Dome, check out our corporate options >