Spikeball League

Come one, come all!

The Dome’s Spikeball league is here, open to all skill levels from beginner to expert. Come on out and enjoy the fun by registering online with a friend! Simply put your teammate’s name down during the registration process.

7 PM | Saturdays

February 2 – 23

League Info

  • Registration $29 four-weeks.
  • Each match will be a best of five.
  • Each match win is worth three points.
  • Games will be to 21.
  • Season will be a total of four weeks.
  • Ages 16 and up.


  • Open: From beginners to experts, all are invited to play!


To make registration simple and easy, just list the friends you’d like to play with, and have your friends do the same when they sign up. Rosters will be built according to friend requests, with a max of 4 people per team.

February Registration

Match Info

  • Substitutions ARE allowed mid series, BUT not allowed mid game. No more than three roster spots will be active during  any given series.
  • All scores from each match must be recorded and given to The Dome staff at the game on the sheets provided.
  • Matches will be best of five. Each game will go to twenty one points.
  • If a call is TRULY disputed, then the point will be replayed.

Team Info

  • Players can play on multiple teams if there is an emergency.
  • A roster may not have any more than four players.
  • All rosters must be finalized before the start of the second week. Players may not play on multiple teams.

Tournament Info

  • The fourth week will be a tournament.
  • Fourth week field time will be extended for tournament.
  • Seeding will go by overall points, head-to-head wins vs losses.
  • Teams will be seeded based off of results from the previous weeks.
  • Playoff brackets are best of 3 to 21.
  • If there are an odd number of teams the first seed will get a bye.

Spikeball Rules

  • Roundnet is played using rally scoring; points can be won by serving or receiving team.
  • Games are typically played to 11, 15, or 21. In tournament play, the tournament director specifies the winning score.
  • Games must be won by two points unless otherwise agreed upon or specified.
  • The rally ends and a point is a point is awarded when:
  • The ball contacts the ground or otherwise isn't returned onto the net within three touches.
  • The ball is hit directly into the rim at any time, including on a serve.
  • The ball bounces and falls back onto the net or rim.
  • The ball clearly rolls across the net.
  • If the receiving team wins the point, the next designated player serves according to the initial sequence. Otherwise, the server switches places with his/her partner and serves to the other receiving team member.
  • The receiving team sets their position first. The server stands 180 degrees across the designated receiver--the only player allowed to field the serve.
  • Serves may be struck with any amount of force; short serves are allowed.
  • If a server serves two faults, the receiving team wins the point. Violation of ANY of the following rules is a fault:
  • The server must toss the ball upward at least two inches.
  • If the server tosses the ball, he/she must hit it. Dropping, catching, or swinging at and missing a toss all count as a fault.
  • Touches must alternate between teammates. Consecutive touches by one player result in a loss of a point.
  • The ball must be contacted cleanly, not caught, lifted, or thrown. Players may not hit the ball with two hands, even if placed together "volleyball style".
  • Players may use any individual part of their body to hit the ball.
  • After the serve, any unusual bounce (i.e. pocket) that does not contact the rim is legal and playable.
  • A shot which lands on the net, rolls into the rim and then off the net (i.e. roll-up) is played as a pocket, not a direct rim hit.
  • If teams cannot determine the legality of a hit, replay the point.