Spring Kickball
This spring, grab a friend or 10 for some weekend kickball fun! We’re holding a spring kickball tournament over four weeks starting April 22, and every team is guaranteed four games! This tournament is geared towards beginners, so don’t be afraid to try something new! You can make your own team, or join one that’s already been created. Don’t miss out on the springtime fun at The Dome! The tournament is blind draw, single elimination; four games are guaranteed including consolation games.
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Saturdays, April 21–May 12


4:00 pm–8:00 pm

Kickball Guidelines

Field and Equipment

A kickball game consists of 5 innings (time limit one hour). A kickball field needs four bases in a diamond shape. WAKA kickball rules have bases 60 feet apart. The pitching strip is directly in front of home plate and in line with first and third base.


WAKA kickball rules permit a team to field at least eight during a kickball game. It is a good idea to have a pitcher and fielders at all the bases.


The pitcher delivers the ball, and must do so with one foot in contact with the pitching rubber. The ball must be rolling or have bounced twice before reaching home plate to be counted as a fair pitch. If the ball passes through the strike zone and the kicker does not make contact, it counts as a strike. A ball that goes wide of the strike zone, is not rolling or did not bounce twice will count as a ball.

Kicking and Running

The batter must run to first base after any ball that is kicked. Foul lines extend out from first and third base, and a ball must be inside these lines to be in play (otherwise, it is foul and a strike). One run is scored every time a runner reaches home.


Each team gets three outs per inning. A kicker is out if three strikes are thrown, or if a ball is kicked foul on the third strike. WAKA kickball rules also dictate a kicker is out when the fielding team touches a base with a ball before the kicker arrives, or if he is hit with a thrown ball below the shoulders while running the bases. A kicked ball caught by a fielder before hitting the ground will also result in an out.


Each team will designate 1 kicker. Each kicker will get 1 practice kick.

The ball will be placed on home plate. The kicker will kick it towards 2nd base. Who’s ever ball ends up closest to 2nd base wins the game (the ball can go past 2nd).