Drop in or become a member for unlimited use of all the following


Play the popular, smaller version of tennis featuring paddles and a lightweight plastic ball. The Dome features an all-new regulation pickleball court with painted lines on a hardcourt surface. The net is always set up and paddles are here for you!


This racquet sport shares the same area as pickleball, featuring a regulation sized court and setup. No need to bring anything except you and a friend, The Dome has it all ready!

Table Tennis

We’ve got two tables always set up and ready for play. Paddles and balls are available at the tables themselves with plenty of room around them for active play.


Use this specialized form of suspension training, made available for everyone regardless of their fitness level.

Plyometric Jump Boxes

Use our plyo boxes to load your jumping muscles and work on your vertical leap.

Free Weights

Perform a variety of muscle toning and building exercises with free weights available to use as needed.

Medicine Balls

Work on your functional strength with our new medicine ball kit.


Stretch and work out your core with one of our yoga mats, cleaned and maintained for your use.


Play this up-and-coming 2v2 fast-paced game that features a taut hula hoop-sized Spikeball net and ball. Available for drop in or free for members Fridays from 7pm-9pm.

Squat Rack

Build up your quadriceps and other major muscle groups with our squat rack and Olympic weights. Bumper plates are available for powerlifting as well.


Batting Cages

Coming soon.
Pitch to a friend in one of our two new batting cages! Use The Dome’s baseballs and bats, or bring your own.

Long Jump

How far can you jump? Leap into one of our two sandpits along the track.

Walk, Jog, Run, Sprint

Use the 400-meter track for walking alone, with a friend, push your stroller, jog, or sprint as you build up your speed.

Open Turf

The possibilities are endless on The Dome’s turf: use it to play catch with a family member or friend, join a pick-up soccer game, jump into flag football, or organize your own activity during our open turf hours! Open turf is open Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm-12 midnight.