January 4 – February 5

Daily COVID-19 Screening Form
$229 • ONE WEEK

A Safe Place For Kids Whose Families Must Return To Work

As Anchorage School District continues online-only instruction, The Dome is offering a daytime camp for families who work essential jobs and don’t have other options for supervising their kids. Open to kids ages 6-12 who have attended at least one year of school, we’ll be providing a safe venue for socialization, activity, and time for schoolwork. Families who have registered for either the remote “ASD In School” or "ASD Virtual" options will find this camp helpful. Those enrolled in "ASD Homeschool" may not find this camp to be a good fit. For more information on education options, visit ASD at


ASD In-School
Starting online, expecting to return to in-person school once allowed.

Best fit for our camp!


ASD Virtual
Kids who are choosing not to return to in-person school. Requires parents to be the student’s learning coach.

Good fit for our camp if the majority of learning is being done at home.


ASD Homeschool
Someone in the home will assume the roll of full-time teacher.

Not the best fit for this camp.

Based on our Summer Camp practices, this camp will not be a school - but we’re building in time for kids to do their work, along with plenty of physical activity and fun.

Our space in this camp is very limited. We’re trying to do something to help our community during this incredibly difficult time, and we ask that you please leave camp spots to families who don’t have other options for their kids during the day.

Operating Camp Safely During COVID-19

In order to keep our staff and our campers safe, and to comply with state and local requirements, we’ll be operating Day Camp at The Dome with the same safeguards as our Summer Camp.






Enhanced Safety Measures


The Dome’s Day Camp Is Packed With Fun!



Campers are assigned a group color on their first day. While at camp, they stay with that group on their designated field.

So much room

for activities!

We’ve got a 180,000 square foot playground here at The Dome, and we make the most of it! We’re providing our campers a huge range of activities to keep their minds and bodies moving. The turf is yours, the track is yours, The Dome is yours! Kids will even get to enjoy our new, state of the art laser tag system. Join us in the largest indoor playground in Alaska!

Track and field Arts and crafts Soccer Reading Paper airplane designing Drawing Remote Control Cars Puzzles Laser Tag Hula hoop Jump rope Relay races Bag Toss Ladder Ball Bingo Legos Perler Beads Football Throw Contest Frisbee Golf Scoop Ball

Track and field
Arts and crafts
Paper airplane designing
Remote Control Cars
Laser Tag
Hula hoop
Jump rope
Relay races
Bag Toss
Ladder Ball
Perler Beads
Football Throw Contest
Frisbee Golf
Scoop Ball

What about school?

The Dome Day Camp is not a school program - we won’t be teaching your kids their school lessons or tracking their work. But we will be making it easy for your kids to do the work assigned by their teachers:

  • During the day we’ll have blocks of quiet work time in between physical activity.
  • We’ll help kids log in and access their online work.
  • We’ll keep track of when it’s time for your kids’ live class sessions and make sure they’re ready to go.
  • We have a great wireless network and we’re boosting our bandwidth to allow our whole camp to be online as needed.

Meet the staff



Hello! I’m David, the Director of Programs here at The Dome. I was born and raised here in Alaska, and earned my bachelor’s degree in physical education while competing as a track & field athlete at University of Alaska - Anchorage. My goal is to create an environment of health, safety, and lots of fun! I oversee all programs at The Dome, including our hugely popular NFL Flag Football program which brings in hundreds of kids each season. I’m excited we can offer this Camp to help families out!



Hi, my name is Ally! I’ve lived in Alaska all my life and I’ve just recently graduated from Dimond High School. I enjoy hiking, spending time with friends, and going on adventures with my dog. I am so excited to be a part of The Dome’s Day Camp!



Hello! My name is Nick and I’m here to help our campers enjoy another fun filled summer at The Dome. I’ve been with The Dome since 2018, and this will be my fourth Camp here. I am very much looking forward to getting Day Camp underway!



Hi, I’m Amy! I’m from Virginia, where I graduated from Old Dominion University in 2019 with a degree in Sport Management. I moved to Alaska last May for an internship with Alaska Rugby. I love rugby, working in sport and recreation programs, and adventuring outdoors! I can’t wait for my third camp here at The Dome!



Hi, I’m Shianne! I grew up in Anchorage in a big family of 7 siblings. I enjoy spending my time in the gym, walking with my dogs, biking, hiking, camping and anything that involves being outdoors. I love being a part of The Dome and the amazing camps we offer. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!



Hi, I’m Colter. I am a life long Alaskan and I just graduated from UAA with a degree in fire science. I like to bike, swim, do mixed martial arts, and play video games. I am looking forward to working at Day Camp at The Dome and to meeting all our campers!

Rad Laser Tag!

Kids will even get to enjoy our new, state of the art laser tag system.


Our remote control cars will be fully charged and ready for action on the race course and in the jump arena!

What Will My Camper Need To Bring?

Every camper will need to bring the following items with them each day. Campers each have an individual enclosed cubby (plastic tote) they can store items in.

Water bottle - our touchless bottle filler is available and sanitized every hour with a food-grade sanitizer.
Schedule - we need to know when your camper’s live class sessions take place.
Login information - send your camper with all of the usernames and passwords they’ll need to get into their device and access their school’s online system.

Active clothing & footwear - kids will be running around throughout the day. Send your camper wearing clothes and shoes they’ll be safe and comfortable playing hard in.

Mask - all staff members and campers are required to wear a mask. We’ll be taking routine mask breaks, and there are numerous times during the day when masks will be off for eating and drinking.
Device - campers need the electronic device they’ll use for their schoolwork, plus its power cord.
School supplies - campers should bring any books, papers, pencils, and other materials they need for each day’s schoolwork.
Two snacks and one lunch - please use insulated bags and ice packs as needed if food must stay cold. Due to our enhanced safety practices we cannot heat kids’ food for them.

Free early drop off

Campers can be dropped off as early as 8:00 AM, and picked up as late as 4:00 PM.


January 4 - February 5

Camp Hours: 8AM – 4PM

Drop off / Pickup: 8AM – 4PM

Ages 6-7 • Ages 8-10 • Ages 11-12

$229 • ONE WEEK

Due to COVID-19, camp registration must be completed by 7:00 PM the previous day.

Cancellation policy

A processing fee of $50 is included in the price of camp. Individuals who cancel or modify their registration and request a refund 4 weeks or more in advance of their camper’s first registered day will receive a full refund minus the processing fee. To cancel or modify and request a refund, please email [email protected]