This document describes the measures taken by Anchorage Sportsplex, Inc. (“The Dome”) to minimize the spread of COVID-19 during its Alaska Premier Soccer League. It is subject to change in the face of new information, updated best practices, or government order. These protective measures are based on advice from public health experts, and on local regulations, and are intended to protect The Dome’s employees, players, coaches, officials, and the public.

  1. Physical distancing (aka social distancing)
    1. Players and coaches on the sidelines of an active game must stay a minimum of 6 feet apart.
      1. Chairs will be placed along sidelines for use by players and coaches. The chairs will be properly spaced according to distancing requirements and may not be moved.
    2. Athletes actively playing on the field proper may play normally and be closer than 6 feet.
    3. Dome management, officials, and coaches will ensure compliance with distancing requirements.
  1. Face coverings
    1. Face coverings are strongly encouraged for all individuals inside The Dome.
  1. Handwashing
    1. The Dome will provide sufficient facilities to allow employees and the public to routinely wash and/or sanitize their hands.
      1. Materials provided include sinks with running water, soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer.
    2. The Dome will require employees to wash their hands routinely.
    3. The Dome will encourage customers to wash or sanitize their hands routinely and in between all activities.
  1. Cleaning and sanitizing
    1. All sanitizing will be performed with a sanitizer listed on EPA List N.
      1. The Dome will maintain adequate supplies of sanitizers and supplies.
    2. All touch surfaces will be sanitized routinely by staff. These surfaces include door knobs, handles, and push bars; railings; bathroom fixtures; computer equipment; and any other surface or object that is touched routinely.
    3. The game ball(s) will be sanitized by game officials before each game.
    4. Janitorial cleaning will be performed after hours every night.
  1. COVID Infection Reporting
    1. Teams will immediately inform The Dome’s management in the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 among any of the following:
      1. A player, coach, trainer, or other on-site team member;
      2. A household member of any of the above.
  1. Response to Confirmed Infection
    1. Upon being informed of a confirmed positive case of COVID-19, The Dome will respond in accordance with the CDC guidelines in effect at that time.
  1. Training
    1. The Dome will provide training to all employees on the requirements listed in this document.
    2. Management will monitor employees for compliance and provide additional training as needed.